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Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch Recipe

Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch Recipe

Introducing the tantalizing Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch recipe that brings the flavors of the popular restaurant right to your home.

This delightful concoction combines the richness of Bulleit bourbon, the sweetness of Captain Morgan, and the tropical notes of pineapple rum, creating a punch that’s perfect for any occasion.

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Quick Bourbon Pineapple Punch Recipe

Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or hosting a casual get-together with friends, the Bourbon Pineapple Punch is a versatile beverage that complements numerous occasions.

Its refreshing taste and the subtle kick from the bourbon make it a perfect companion for laid-back evenings on the patio, weekend barbecues, or even as a delightful addition to brunch gatherings.

While the Bourbon Pineapple Punch cocktail is a popular choice at Buffalo Wild Wings, you don’t have to head out to enjoy its goodness.

With a simple copycat recipe, you can recreate the same punch at home and savor the Buffalo Wild Wings vibe in the comfort of your own space.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch Recipe

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By following the easy recipe provided, you can whip up your own batch of Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch, giving you the taste of your favorite restaurant.


  • 1 cup Bulleit bourbon (240 ml / 8 oz)

  • 1 cup Captain Morgan (240 ml / 8 oz)

  • 1/2 cup Pineapple Rum (120 ml / 4 oz)

  • 1/4 cup Lime Sour (60 ml / 2 oz)

  • 1 cup Pineapple Juice (240 ml / 8 oz)

  • Fresh lime juice (from one lime)

  • Maraschino cherry for garnish


  • In a pitcher, combine Bulleit bourbon, Captain Morgan, Pineapple Rum, Lime Sour, Pineapple Juice, and fresh lime juice.
  • Stir the mixture until well combined.
  • Fill glasses with ice cubes.
  • Pour the punch over the ice, garnish with a maraschino cherry, and enjoy!


  • For a stronger punch, feel free to add a little more bourbon to taste.
  • Feel free to adjust the sweetness to your taste by adding more or less pineapple juice.

How to Make Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch at Home

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Bourbon Pineapple Punch is a legend in the world of game-day drinks. Its sweet and tangy blend of pineapple, bourbon, and citrus is the perfect way to cool down and cheer on your team.

But who says you need to leave the house to enjoy this refreshing libation? You can make this simple recipe at home Just like we created Buffalo wild rings Red bull sunrise recipe.

With this easy-to-follow recipe, you can recreate the magic of Buffalo Wild Wings right in your own kitchen.


Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon is the backbone of this punch, offering a robust and distinctive flavor. If unavailable, you can substitute it with any other quality bourbon whiskey to maintain that warm and rich profile.

Captain Morgan

Adding a touch of sweetness, Captain Morgan complements the bourbon. In case you don’t have Captain Morgan, any other spiced rum can be a suitable substitute, providing a similar hint of sweetness liked we used in Spiked Football cocktail by BWW.

Pineapple Rum

For a tropical kick, Pineapple Rum is essential. If you find yourself without Pineapple Rum, a combination of regular rum and a splash of pineapple juice can mimic the desired flavor.

Lime Sour

Lime Sour contributes citrusy brightness to the mix. If Lime Sour is not on hand, a simple mixture of lime juice and simple syrup can provide a comparable effect, balancing the sweetness and acidity.

Pineapple Juice

Bringing a refreshing twist, Pineapple Juice adds a tropical sweetness. If you run out of Pineapple Juice, a blend of orange juice and a hint of lemon juice can serve as an alternative, maintaining the fruity essence.

Fresh Lime Slices

Fresh lime slices are not just for garnish; they contribute additional citrusy notes. Ensure you have fresh limes on hand for juicing and garnishing.

Maraschino Cherry

A maraschino cherry serves as a delightful garnish, adding a pop of color and a touch of sweetness. If unavailable, any preserved cherry can be used as a substitute.

How to Make Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch at Home



A pitcher is essential for mixing and serving the punch. Ensure it’s large enough to accommodate all the ingredients and ice.

Stirring Spoon

A dedicated stirring spoon facilitates the proper mixing of all the ingredients. If you don’t have one, any long-handled spoon or utensil can be used.


Choose your preferred glassware for serving the punch – whether it’s tumblers, mason jars, or elegant wine glasses, based on your preference.

Step by Step Preparation

1. Measure Ingredients

Begin by measuring 1 cup each of Bulleit Bourbon whiskey , Captain Morgan, Pineapple Rum, and Pineapple Juice. Add 1/4 cup of Lime Sour. Precise measurements are crucial for a well-balanced punch.

2. Combine in Pitcher

Pour all the measured ingredients into the pitcher. The combination of bourbon, spiced rum, Pineapple Rum, Lime Sour, and Pineapple Juice sets the foundation for a delicious punch.

3. Stir the Mixture

Take your stirring spoon and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Ensure that the flavors meld together seamlessly, creating a harmonious taste in every sip.

4. Fill Glasses and Garnish

Fill glasses with ice cubes, then pour the punch over them. Garnish each glass with fresh lime slices and top it off with a maraschino cherry.

This final step brings everything together, presenting you with a homemade version of Buffalo Wild Wings’ Bourbon Pineapple Punch. Now, savor the refreshing taste of this delightful beverage!

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Variations of the Bourbon Pineapple Punch cocktail

bourbon pineapple punch cocktail

Bored of the same old punch? Spice things up with these exciting variations to the classic Bourbon Pineapple Punch. Get creative and tailor the recipe to your taste preferences or surprise your guests with a unique twist.

1. Citrus Burst

Enhance the citrusy notes by adding a splash of grapefruit juice or a twist of lime. This variation brings a zesty kick, balancing perfectly with the bourbon and pineapple sweetness.

2. Berry Bliss

Amp up the fruity goodness by incorporating a handful of mixed berries like raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries. Muddle them in the pitcher for a burst of color and a delightful berry-infused flavor. You can also check simple Strawberry Ranch Water recipe.

3. Minty Fresh

Infuse a refreshing touch by adding a handful of fresh mint leaves to the mix. Tear the mint leaves and add them during the stirring step. This addition complements the punch with its cool and herbaceous undertones, offering a minty freshness in each sip.

4. Ginger Spice

Introduce a subtle heat by incorporating a hint of ginger syrup or muddled ginger. This variation adds a spicy kick, elevating the overall flavor profile. Also check how to make Spicy ranch water cocktail at home.

5. Tropical Tango

Take the punch on a tropical vacation by adding a splash of coconut water. This variation brings a light and coconutty essence, making it feel like a beachside escape.

6. Honeyed Harmony

Swap out the simple syrup for honey to infuse a natural and rich sweetness. This variation offers a distinct flavor while keeping the drink well-balanced.

7. Seltzer Fizz

For a bubbly twist, top off each glass with a splash of sparkling water or club soda as in Ranch water drink.

After pouring the punch into glasses, finish by adding the sparkling water. This variation adds effervescence, creating a lively and fizzy experience in every sip.

Feel free to mix and match these variations or come up with your own unique ideas. The beauty of the Bourbon Pineapple Punch lies in its versatility, allowing you to tailor it to suit any occasion or personal taste.

I also wanted to share Bourbon Pineapple Ginger Ale Cocktail recipe which is one of my favorite cocktails.

Bourbon Pineapple Ginger Ale Cocktail

Bourbon Pineapple Ginger Ale Cocktail

Indulge in the perfect fusion of flavors with the Bourbon Pineapple Ginger Ale Cocktail. This delightful concoction brings together the rich notes of bourbon, the tropical sweetness of pineapple, and the effervescent kick of ginger ale. Simple to make yet full of sophistication, this cocktail is sure to elevate your sipping experience.


  • 2 oz Bourbon
  • 1/2 cup Pineapple Juice
  • 1/2 cup Ginger Ale
  • Fresh Pineapple Wedge for garnish
  • Ice Cubes


Begin by filling a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, setting the stage for a chilled and satisfying drink. Measure out 2 oz of your preferred bourbon using a jigger, pouring it into the shaker to create the rich foundation of the cocktail.

Following this, introduce a tropical twist by adding 1/2 cup of pineapple juice to the mix, infusing a delightful sweetness that complements the bourbon.

To add a zesty kick, top off the concoction with 1/2 cup of ginger ale, ensuring a fizzy and invigorating finish.

Once all the ingredients are in the shaker, secure the lid and shake vigorously for approximately 10-15 seconds.

This step not only chills the mixture but also allows the flavors to meld together, creating a harmonious balance.

Using the jigger as a strainer, pour the well-mixed cocktail into a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish your creation with a fresh pineapple wedge, adding both visual appeal and an extra burst of fruity flavor.

This recipe yields a single serving, making it an ideal choice for a personal treat or for impressing guests with a sophisticated and easy-to-make cocktail.

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Non-Alcoholic Version of Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch

Non-Alcoholic Version of Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch

Indulge in the delightful flavors of Buffalo Wild Wings’ Bourbon Pineapple Punch without the alcohol.

Whether you’re catering to a non-drinking crowd or simply in the mood for a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage, this mocktail version retains all the taste and flair.


  • 1 cup Pineapple Juice
  • 1/2 cup Orange Juice
  • 1/4 cup Lime Sour (Combine 2 tablespoons of lime juice with 2 tablespoons of simple syrup)
  • 1/4 cup Pineapple Rum Extract (non-alcoholic version)
  • Fresh Lime Juice (from one lime)
  • Fresh Lime Slices for garnish
  • Maraschino Cherry for garnish


To create the non-alcoholic version of Buffalo Wild Wings’ Bourbon Pineapple Punch, start by measuring 1 cup of Pineapple Juice, 1/2 cup of Orange Juice, 1/4 cup of Lime Sour (made by combining 2 tablespoons of lime juice with 2 tablespoons of simple syrup), and 1/4 cup of Pineapple Rum Extract.

Combine these ingredients in a pitcher and use a stirring spoon to mix them thoroughly. Once the flavors are well blended, fill glasses with ice cubes, pour the non-alcoholic punch over the ice, and garnish each glass with fresh lime slices and a maraschino cherry.

This simple process ensures a harmonious blend of tropical and citrusy flavors, delivering a refreshing and delightful Non-Alcoholic Bourbon Pineapple Punch.

Enjoy the experience of Buffalo Wild Wings’ Bourbon Pineapple Punch in a non-alcoholic version, perfect for any occasion or for those who prefer a booze-free option. Cheers to the same great taste without the alcohol content!

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Expert Tips to Make the Perfect Bourbon Pineapple Punch

Crafting the ideal Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch is an art that goes beyond the basic recipe.

To elevate your punch-making skills and ensure a memorable drinking experience, consider these expert tips:

Begin with the good stuff. Quality bourbon and fresh pineapple juice form the foundation of a standout Bourbon Pineapple Punch. Ensuring the ingredients are top-notch is non-negotiable.

Play around with sweetness levels. If it’s too sugary, throw in a bit more bourbon or a dash of lime juice for that sweet-and-sour balance that hits the spot.

Chill out. Literally. Make sure your bourbon and pineapple juice are nicely chilled before diving into the mix. Your punch will thank you by staying flavorful without drowning in ice.

For larger gatherings, I recommend pre-mixing the non-alcoholic components. Adding bourbon individually per glass allows for personalized preferences, ensuring each guest enjoys a consistently delightful experience.

For a nuanced twist, consider introducing flavored syrups such as vanilla or cinnamon. These additions elevate the complexity of your Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch, providing a unique and sophisticated flavor profile.

Serving and Presentation Tips for Bourbon Pineapple Punch

buffalo wild wings bourbon pineapple punch recipe

When it comes to serving and presenting the Bourbon Pineapple Punch, a few tips can take your hosting game to the next level:

Glassware Matters

Opt for highball glasses to showcase the vibrant colors of the punch. The tall and slender shape not only looks elegant but also allows the drink’s hues to shine through.

Garnish with Style

Elevate the presentation by garnishing each glass individually. A fresh pineapple wedge on the rim or a slice of lime floating in the punch adds a touch of sophistication and a burst of fragrance as in Blue Hawaiian cocktail.

Coordinate with the Occasion

Consider the theme of your gathering. If it’s a casual backyard barbecue, mason jars can bring a rustic charm. For more formal affairs, classic crystal glasses might be the way to go.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Don’t underestimate the impact of ice. Large, clear ice cubes not only keep the punch chilled without excessive dilution but also look visually appealing as they gently float in the glass.

Serve Fresh

Mix the punch just before serving to ensure the freshest flavors. This also prevents it from sitting too long with ice, maintaining the ideal balance of taste.

Create a Punch Station

For larger gatherings, consider setting up a punch station. Provide bowls of garnishes, ice buckets, and a ladle for a self-serve experience that adds an interactive element to your event.

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What to serve with Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch drink

Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch is a sweet and tangy treat, so the best food pairings should either complement or contrast its flavors to create a well-rounded dining experience.

Here are some ideas that cater to different palates:

Spicy Chicken Wings:

Stay in the Buffalo Wild Wings spirit by serving up some spicy chicken wings. The punch’s sweetness can complement the heat of the wings, creating a perfect balance.

Fresh Fruit Platter:

Offer a refreshing contrast with a fresh fruit platter. Pineapple chunks, watermelon slices, and citrus wedges can harmonize with the tropical notes of the punch.

Cheese and Charcuterie Board:

Create a sophisticated pairing with a cheese and charcuterie board. The complex flavors of different cheeses and cured meats can complement the rich and varied taste profile of the Bourbon Pineapple Punch.

Vegetable Spring Rolls:

For a lighter option, consider serving vegetable spring rolls. The crispiness of the rolls can provide a satisfying texture alongside the smoothness of the punch.

Shrimp Skewers:

Elevate your spread with shrimp skewers. Grilled or marinated shrimp can add a touch of elegance to the pairing, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Can you store this Bourbon Pineapple Punch cocktail?

Can you store this Bourbon Pineapple Punch cocktail?

Yes, you can store Bourbon Pineapple Punch, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

While you can technically store leftover Bourbon Pineapple Punch, it’s not ideal for maintaining the best taste and quality. Here’s why:

  • Fresh lime juice loses its vibrant zing and can turn bitter over time, affecting the overall taste.
  • As the ice melts, the punch becomes watered down, diluting the flavors and alcohol content.
  • Fresh pineapple and other fruits can start to oxidize, making the punch cloudy and dull in appearance and potentially imparting unwanted flavors.
  • Even with refrigeration, the combination of fruit juices and alcohol creates a favorable environment for bacterial growth, increasing the risk of spoilage.

Storage Tips

Since this punch contains both alcoholic and non-alcoholic components, storing it requires some attention to maintain its freshness and flavor.

Refrigeration: If you have prepared a large batch of Bourbon Pineapple Punch and there are leftovers, it’s best to refrigerate the punch. Pour it into a sealable container and store it in the refrigerator to slow down any potential spoilage.

Storage Duration: For optimal flavor, aim to consume the stored punch within 24-48 hours. The longer it sits, the more the flavors may mingle, and the freshness might diminish.

Ice Consideration: If you’ve added ice to the punch before storing, be mindful that the ice will melt over time, diluting the punch. You may need to adjust the flavors or add fresh ingredients when serving stored punch.

Fresh Garnishes: If your punch includes fresh garnishes like pineapple wedges or lime slices, consider adding them just before serving. This helps maintain their vibrancy and prevents them from becoming mushy during storage.

Alcohol Preservation: The alcohol content in the punch acts as a natural preservative. However, if you find that the punch has lost some of its punch, you can adjust by adding a bit more bourbon or other spirits when serving.

Always use clean and sanitized containers when storing the punch, and give it a gentle stir before serving to ensure an even distribution of flavors.

Keep in mind that the quality of the punch may vary after storage, so it’s a good practice to taste and adjust as needed before serving to your guests.

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Nutrition Facts of Bourbon Pineapple Punch cocktail

Indulge in the rich flavors of the Bourbon Pineapple Punch while keeping your nutritional intake in check. This delightful punch offers a light and refreshing choice for any gathering, with each serving providing approximately 150 kcal.

NutrientAmount per Serving
Calories150 kcal
Total Fat0g
Saturated Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates15g
Dietary Fiber0g

Note: Nutrient values are approximate and may vary based on specific ingredient brands and quantities used.

How Much Alcohol Does Bourbon Pineapple Punch cocktail Contain?

The exact alcohol content can vary a bit depending on the specific brands you choose, but we can make a good guess using the recipe.

Imagine each 2-ounce shot of alcohol has its own “alcohol volume,” like a mini measuring cup. In this recipe, here’s what we have:

  • Bulleit bourbon (80 proof): 2 shots with 24 ml alcohol each
  • Captain Morgan pineapple rum (70 proof): 1 shot with 10.5 ml alcohol
  • Pineapple rum (70 proof): 1 shot with 10.5 ml alcohol

Now, add up all the mini alcohol cups, and you get about 45 ml of alcohol in total. But wait, that’s not all! We mixed it with 5 ounces of delicious pineapple juice, so the alcohol gets spread out a bit.

When you do the math, it turns out your Bourbon Pineapple punch cocktail is roughly 30% alcohol, which is about the same as a strong beer. Pretty potent, right?

Remember, this is just an estimate, and your actual punch might be a bit stronger or weaker. The important thing is to enjoy it responsibly, and maybe offer a non-alcoholic version for your friends who don’t drink.

Conclusion: Bourbon Pineapple punch Cocktail

With this Buffalo Wild Wings Bourbon Pineapple Punch recipe in hand, you’re ready to impress your guests or unwind with a taste of your favorite restaurant’s signature drink.

Raise your glass and enjoy the perfect blend of Bulleit bourbon, Captain Morgan, and tropical goodness!

Try this recipe at home and let me know in comments about your experience!

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