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White Tea Shot Recipe

Easiest White Tea Shot Recipe

Hey everyone, today I’m excited to share a fun summer drink recipe with you that I think you’ll love. It’s called the White Tea Shot and it’s the perfect sweet and refreshing pick-me-up.

Now, I know a lot of you enjoy peach schnapps and vodka drinks. But have I got a twist for you – this shot packs those classic flavors into a bubbly cocktail you can enjoy anytime of day. I first started making these for afternoon gatherings with friends and they quickly became the favorite.

The blend of fruity peach and crisp vodka is balanced perfectly by a splash of sweet and sour. But what really makes this shot sing is a topper of bright lemon-lime soda. You’ll appreciate the lively pop of flavor it adds to every sip.

The White Tea Shot with Vodka Recipe

Perfect for any occasion, it’s a delightful addition to your drink options. Cheers to the easygoing pleasure of the White Tea Shot experience!

Simple White Tea Shot Recipe

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Experience the bliss of the White Tea Shot—a refreshingly simple and delightful drink. It’s a light and enjoyable choice for any occasion. Sip, savor, and revel in the uncomplicated pleasure of the White Tea Shot. Cheers!


  • 1 oz (30 ml) Vodka

  • 0.5 oz (15 ml) Peach Schnapps

  • 1 oz (30 ml) Sweet and Sour

  • 1 oz (30 ml) Lemon-Lime Soda

  • Ice cubes


  • Put ice cubes in cocktail shaker.
  • Add vodka, Peach schnapps and sweet and sour mix to cocktail shaker.
  • Shake all ingredients together for 15 seconds.
  • Strain the liquid into a shot glass. And then add splash of lemon lime soda.


  • Adjust the sweetness by modifying the quantity of sweet and sour. This recipe is tailored for two servings.

Why White tea shot is a hit

The White Tea Shot has become a sensation for a simple reason—it’s a delightful escape in a glass. Despite its name, this popular concoction doesn’t actually contain your typical brewed white tea. It’s appearance is similar to Mexican Tea Shot.

Instead, it’s a clever blend of white tea-infused vodka, peach schnapps, sweet and sour, and a touch of lemon-lime soda. So why the hit status?

Well, picture this: a sip that takes you on a journey where the crisp notes of white tea play tag with the fruity dance of peach schnapps, all harmonizing in the sweet and sour symphony. It’s like a mini-vacation for your taste buds.

Plus, it’s ridiculously easy to whip up—just shake, pour, and enjoy. So, if you’re looking for a fuss-free, flavorful companion to your moments, the White Tea Shot is your go-to. No steeping, no brewing—just pure, uncomplicated bliss in a shot glass.

How to make White Tea Shot with Vodka at home

Making the White Tea Shot at home is a breeze, and you don’t need to be a mixologist to master it! Let’s break it down.


Vodka (1 oz): Opt for a vodka brand you enjoy. Feel free to experiment with flavored vodkas like peach flavored vodka (which I use in Peach tea shot) or citrus to elevate the flavor profile.

Peach Schnapps (0.5 oz): This ingredient adds a fruity kick. If peach isn’t your thing, try apricot schnapps for a unique twist.

Sweet and Sour Mix (1 oz): Achieving the perfect sweet-tangy balance is crucial. If you’re feeling adventurous, swap it with orange juice for added citrusy goodness. If you don’t have sweet and sour mix, you can easily make it by yourself.

To make homemade sweet and sour mix, combine 1 cup of simple syrup with 1 cup of fresh lemon juice and 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice. Stir well and store in an airtight container for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Lemon-Lime Soda (1 oz): This adds a refreshing citrusy zing. Consider experimenting with ginger ale for a subtle spice kick.

Ice Cubes: Essential for cooling down your concoction. No substitutes here – they’re the unsung heroes.


  • Cocktail shaker
  • Jigger
  • Strainer
  • Shot glass

Steps to make White tea shot

1. Prepare the Shaker with Ice Cubes:

Gather your cocktail shaker and fill it generously with ice cubes. The cold temperature is essential for a refreshing result. If you don’t have a shaker, any tightly sealed container will work.

2. Measure and Add the White Tea-Infused Vodka

Pour precisely 1 oz (30 ml) of your chosen white tea-infused vodka into the shaker. This step forms the base of your White Tea Shot.

3. Incorporate Peach Schnapps

Next, introduce 0.5 oz (15 ml) of peach schnapps to the mix. This addition brings a delightful fruity note to your concoction. If you prefer a different fruit flavor, consider substituting with apricot schnapps.

4. Pour in Sweet and Sour Mix

Now, add 1 oz (30 ml) of sweet and sour mix to achieve the perfect balance between sweetness and tanginess. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can replace this with orange juice for an alternative citrusy twist.

5. Add Lemon-Lime Soda

Complete the flavor profile by pouring in 1 oz (30 ml) of lemon-lime soda. If you want to experiment, ginger ale can be a great substitute, providing a subtle spice kick.

6. Shake Vigorously for 15 Seconds:

Securely fasten the lid of the shaker and shake the mixture vigorously for about 15 seconds. This step ensures that all the ingredients are well-blended, creating a harmonious flavor profile. Remember, this is your mini celebration – shake it with enthusiasm!

7. Strain the Liquid into a Shot Glass:

With the shaking complete, unseal the shaker and carefully strain the liquid into a shot glass. The straining process ensures you enjoy a smooth and perfectly blended White Tea Shot.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully crafted your White Tea Shot! Now, it’s time to savor the delightful fusion of flavors you’ve created.

White tea shot taste and flavor profile

The White Tea Shot, despite its name, doesn’t actually include white tea infusion. Instead, it features a straightforward mix of simple vodka, peach schnapps, sweet and sour, and a splash of lemon-lime soda.

The result is a light and refreshing shot with fruity and citrusy undertones, making it an easygoing and enjoyable choice for any occasion.

Other White Tea Shot Recipes

While the classic White Tea Shot charms with its simplicity, these creative variations add a dash of excitement to your sipping experience. These White Tea shot recipes actually have white tea in them.

1. White Tea Shot Tequila

 White Tea Shot Tequila

This creative twist brings together the robust notes of tequila, the fruity essence of peach schnapps, and the cooling touch of white tea, resulting in a shot that’s both invigorating and full of character.


  • 1 oz tequila
  • 0.5 oz peach schnapps
  • 1 oz white tea (cooled)
  • 0.5 oz simple syrup
  • 0.5 oz lemon juice
  • Ice cubes


Brew a cup of white tea and let it cool. Fill a shaker with ice cubes.

Pour in 1 oz of tequila, 0.5 oz of peach schnapps, the cooled white tea, 0.5 oz of simple syrup, and 0.5 oz of lemon juice.

Shake well for about 15 seconds. Strain the mixture into a shot glass. Garnish with a lemon twist for an added zest.

2. Blueberry White Tea Shot

Blueberry White Tea Shot

This Blueberry Bliss White Tea Shot combines the subtle notes of white tea with the sweet and fruity essence of blueberry schnapps, creating a refreshing and visually appealing shot.

Do not forget to check out Blueberry Pancake Shot Recipe.


  • 1 oz plain vodka
  • 0.5 oz blueberry schnapps
  • 1 oz white tea (cooled)
  • 0.5 oz simple syrup
  • 0.5 oz lemon juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh blueberries for garnish


Brew a cup of white tea and let it cool. Fill a shaker with ice cubes.

Pour in 1 oz of plain vodka, 0.5 oz of blueberry schnapps, the cooled white tea, 0.5 oz of simple syrup, and 0.5 oz of lemon juice.

Shake well for about 15 seconds. Strain the mixture into a shot glass. Garnish with a few fresh blueberries for a burst of color and flavor.

3. Rum-infused White Tea Shot

This Rum-infused White Tea Shot marries the tropical warmth of white rum with the crispness of white tea, creating a flavorful and nuanced shot. The addition of peach schnapps and a hint of lemon juice brings a perfect balance of sweetness and citrusy tang.


  • 1 oz white rum
  • 0.5 oz peach schnapps
  • 1 oz white tea (cooled)
  • 0.5 oz simple syrup
  • 0.5 oz lemon juice
  • Ice cubes
  • Mint leaves for garnish


Brew a cup of white tea and let it cool. Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Pour in 1 oz of white rum, 0.5 oz of peach schnapps, the cooled white tea, 0.5 oz of simple syrup, and 0.5 oz of lemon juice.

Shake well for about 15 seconds. Strain the mixture into a shot glass. Garnish with fresh mint leaves for a touch of aromatic freshness.

Turning White Tea Vodka Shots into a White Tea Cocktail

What is a White Tea Shot Made Of?

Transforming White Tea Vodka Shots into a delightful White Tea Cocktail is a creative and simple process. Here’s a quick guide to elevate your sipping experience:

What You Will Need

  • White Tea Vodka Shots (That we prepared above)
  • Ice cubes
  • Additional mixers (optional)
  • Garnishes (e.g., citrus slices, mint leaves)


To turn White Tea Vodka Shots into a delightful White Tea Cocktail, start by ensuring your chosen glassware is thoroughly chilled. This could be a highball glass, Collins glass, or a classic cocktail glass – the choice is yours.

Add ice cubes to the chilled glass, tailoring the amount to your preference for a perfectly chilled cocktail. Next, pour the prepared White Tea Vodka Shots over the ice, creating a solid base for your cocktail.

Now, the fun begins. Consider experimenting with additional mixers to enhance the flavor profile. A splash of club soda can add effervescence, while a hint of flavored syrup can contribute sweetness – adjust quantities to suit your taste.

Depending on your choice of mixers, you might opt for a gentle stir with a bar spoon or a brief shake in a cocktail shaker for a more intricate blend of flavors.

To elevate the presentation, garnish your White Tea Cocktail with creative touches. Citrus slices, such as lemon or lime, can provide a zesty aroma, while fresh mint leaves offer a hint of herbal freshness.

Finally, take a moment to sip and savor the nuanced flavors of your transformed White Tea Cocktail. The ice, mixers, and garnishes add layers of complexity, turning a simple shot into a sophisticated and refreshing libation – a true celebration of mixology.

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Expert Tips to make Perfect White Tea shot

white tea shot measuremnets

Chill Vibes Only: As I mentioned this in Black Tea Shot Recipe, Make sure your ingredients are cooler than your ex’s attitude. A well-chilled mix is the secret to a refreshing shot that’ll have you saying, “Cheers to that!”

Ice, Ice, Baby: Don’t settle for mediocre ice. Go for the good stuff to keep your White Tea Shot cool without watering down the party. We’re talking VIP ice cubes.

Tea Time Twists: Play tea wizard with your vodka infusion. Try different white tea varieties or channel your inner mixologist with varying infusion times. It’s tea time, but way more fun.

Shake it Like You Mean It: When you shake, channel your inner cocktail dance champion. That 15-second shake isn’t just mixing; it’s a full-on flavor rave. Dance moves encouraged.

Strain with Finesse: No one likes unexpected guests, especially in their shot glass. Strain like a pro using a fine strainer for a smooth pour without any party crashers.

Glassware Glam: Switch things up with your glassware. Shot glasses are cool, but tiny teacups or mini mason jars add a touch of whimsy. Because why not?

Garnish Game Strong: A party without decorations is just a meeting. Garnish your shot with a lemon twist, a peach slice, or even a rebellious tea leaf. It’s your shot’s red carpet moment.

Sweet Talk the Mix: Taste your sweet and sour mix before the shaker gets all the attention. Adjust the sweetness like you’re the maestro of flavor – more or less, your call.

Temp Check: Keep your shot glass chill but not frostbite-level cold. It’s like Goldilocks – just right for maximum flavor vibes.

Pouring Pizzazz: Get creative with your pour. Try a fancy high pour for that Instagram-worthy layering effect. You’re not just making a shot; you’re making a statement.

How to Serve White Tea shot drink

White tea shot vs green tea shot

Serving the White Tea Shot is easy-peasy fun. First, chill your shot glasses in the freezer – cold glasses make the shot extra refreshing. Line them up like you’re ready to score a point.

Give your White Tea Shot a good shake, pour it into each glass like a pro, and maybe add a slice of lemon or peach to make it look fancy. Hand them out, say “Cheers,” and take a sip.

Pairing perfectly with the light and refreshing notes of White Tea Shots, consider serving fresh fruit platters, mild cheeses with crackers, or delightful shrimp cocktail for an indulgent touch.

Bite-sized caprese skewers, vegetable spring rolls, and light sushi rolls offer savory options, while tomato and basil bruschetta add a burst of freshness.

Don’t forget to play some tunes in the background – it sets the mood. Keep the shots coming, share a laugh or two, and enjoy the moment. It’s that simple – chill, pour, and sip away!

Nutritional values of white tea shot

The nutritional values of the White Tea Shot like Red Tea Shot can vary based on specific ingredients and quantities used, but here’s a general overview:

Calories: The White Tea Shot is typically a low-calorie beverage , with the primary contributors being the alcohol content and any added sugars from ingredients like peach schnapps or sweet and sour mix.

Alcohol Content: The alcohol content in the shot primarily comes from the vodka and peach schnapps. Vodka generally contains about 64 calories per ounce (30 ml), while peach schnapps contributes additional calories depending on the brand and specific formulation.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates in the White Tea Shot mainly come from sugars present in ingredients like peach schnapps and sweet and sour mix. Vodka itself is low in carbs.

Other Nutrients: The shot is not a significant source of other nutrients like protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, or minerals. It’s primarily a beverage enjoyed for its flavor and alcoholic content.

It’s essential to note that the nutritional values can vary based on the specific brands and amounts of ingredients used in the recipe.

White tea shot vs green tea shot

The White Tea Shot features simple vodka, peach schnapps, sweet and sour mix, and lemon-lime soda, offering a light and refreshing taste.

On the other hand, the Green Tea Shot contains Jameson Irish Whiskey, peach schnapps, and sour mix, providing a bolder flavor with a whiskey kick.

The choice between the two depends on whether you prefer a fruit-infused, easy sipper or a stronger, whiskey-forward option. Simple and straightforward, these tea-inspired shots cater to different tastes and occasions.


How to Store White Tea Shots?

Storing White Tea Shots is a straightforward process to maintain their freshness. After crafting your shots, it’s best to refrigerate them if you plan to consume them later.

Place the shot glasses in the refrigerator, ensuring they are covered or sealed to prevent any odors from affecting the drink.

While the alcohol content acts as a preservative, refrigeration helps retain the optimal flavor profile. If you’ve prepared a larger batch, consider storing the mixture in an airtight container.

However, for the best experience, it’s recommended to consume White Tea Shots relatively soon after preparation to enjoy their vibrant flavors to the fullest.

How Strong is White Tea Shot?

The strength of a White Tea Shot is influenced by the alcohol content primarily derived from vodka and any additional spirits like peach schnapps.

Typically, a shot consists of 1 to 1.5 ounces of alcohol, making it a relatively potent beverage. The strength can be further influenced by individual preferences; some may prefer a milder shot by adjusting the proportions of alcohol and mixers, while others may enjoy a more robust kick.

The alcohol content contributes to the shot’s potency, so it’s advisable to consume White Tea Shots responsibly and be mindful of your alcohol tolerance.

What is a White Tea Shot Made Of?

A White Tea Shot is crafted from a simple yet effective combination of ingredients. The basic recipe includes plain vodka, peach schnapps, sweet and sour mix, and lemon-lime soda.

Despite its name, there is no actual white tea infusion in the traditional White Tea Shot recipe. Instead, it offers a refreshing and well-balanced flavor profile, blending fruity and citrusy notes for a delightful sipping experience. Do not forget to try Orange Tea Shot Recipe.

Why is it called White Tea Shot?

The White Tea Shot gets its name not from the inclusion of white tea in its ingredients but rather from its light and refreshing flavor profile.

The simplicity of the drink, featuring plain vodka, peach schnapps, sweet and sour mix, and lemon-lime soda, is reminiscent of the clean and subtle characteristics associated with white tea.

The absence of actual white tea infusion allows for a crisp and uncomplicated shot, offering a nod to the elegance often associated with white tea. So, despite the lack of tea leaves, the name reflects the shot’s refreshing qualities that align with the essence of white tea.

Is a Cocktail Shaker Essential to Make White Tea Vodka Shot?

While a cocktail shaker is not strictly essential to make a White Tea Vodka Shot, it greatly enhances the drink’s overall experience.

Using a shaker with ice cubes serves several purposes. Firstly, it chills the ingredients efficiently, contributing to the refreshing nature of the shot.

Secondly, the shaking process helps to blend the flavors harmoniously, ensuring a well-mixed and balanced drink.

The 15-second shake is more than a mixing technique; it’s a celebration that elevates the shot’s texture and presentation. While alternative methods like stirring can be used, the cocktail shaker adds a touch of flair and contributes to the shot’s overall appeal.

What is White Tea Shot Alcohol Content?

The alcohol content in a White Tea Shot primarily comes from the vodka and any additional spirits like peach schnapps.

Vodka typically contains about 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). Considering the shot’s standard size of 1 to 1.5 ounces of alcohol, the White Tea Shot is relatively potent.

Peach schnapps also contributes to the alcohol content, though it is typically lower in ABV compared to vodka. It’s important to note that the exact alcohol content can vary based on the specific brands and quantities of ingredients used.

How much does a white tea shot cost?

The cost of a White Tea Shot can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location, the establishment serving the drink, and the specific ingredients used.

In a bar or restaurant, the price may range from $5 to $10 or more per shot, depending on the venue’s pricing strategy, the quality of the spirits, and the overall atmosphere.

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