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Best Purple Rain cocktail Recipe

Best Purple Rain cocktail Recipe

Hey there friends! I’m excited to share with you a recipe for one of my favorite summer drinks – the Purple Rain cocktail. This vibrant purple drink always puts me in a fun, carefree mood whenever I have one. It perfectly captures the nostalgic vibe of one of the greatest movies of the 80s with its vivid color and sweet yet tangy flavor.

The Purple Rain cocktail is a refreshing drink that’s not just delicious, but also carries a touch of musical magic. Inspired by Prince’s iconic song and film of the same name, this cocktail is a delightful blend of sweet, tart, and bubbly flavors, perfect for any occasion.

Purple Rain cocktail Recipe

Whenever I’m having friends over and want to set a fun, laidback vibe, this is the drink I bring out.

I first had a Purple Rain a few summers ago at a little tiki bar down the shore. As soon as I took my first sip of that vibrant purple liquid, I was instantly transported back to watching Purple Rain as a kid.

The flavor is just so nostalgic – it’s tart and sweet at the same time. Kind of like those freeze pops we all loved as youngsters.

The best part is, this cocktail comes together so easily. No fancy mixology skills required here. Just dump all the ingredients in a shaker with some ice and give it a good shake. Then pour it into a glass filled with more crushed ice – isn’t that a cool look?

You’ll be seriously impressed with how affordable and simple it is to recreate that tiki bar magic right at your place.

You guys will have a blast making these. It’s seriously the life of the party every time I bust it out. So grab your friends, put on some Prince tunes, and get ready to sip the night away with these Purple Rain cocktails. I’ll share the full recipe in a sec – it’s super simple, I promise!

Ingredients to make Purple Rain Cocktail

Alright friends, let’s dive into these ingredients for the Purple Rain cocktail. I want to make sure to explain each one so you feel comfortable substituting things if needed. This drink really showcases some tasty flavors.

  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • 1 oz blue curaçao
  • 0.5 oz lime juice
  • 0.5 oz grenadine
  • 2 oz cranberry juice
  • 2 oz pineapple juice
  • 2 oz lemonade or ginger beer
  • Garnish: lime wedge or maraschino cherry (optional)

Here’s how to whip up this vibrant Purple rain cocktail in two easy steps:

  1. Shake it up: Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Add all the ingredients except the chosen bubbly (lemonade or ginger beer). Shake it well for 15-20 seconds, letting the ice chill and the flavors meld.
  2. Strain and sip: Strain the beautiful purple concoction into two chilled glasses filled with fresh ice. Top each glass with 2 oz of your chosen bubbly – lemonade for classic sweetness or ginger beer for a spicy kick. Don’t forget the optional garnish! A lime wedge or maraschino cherry adds a pop of color to complete your purple paradise.


Vodka is the base spirit for this cocktail. Vodka is a clear, colorless, spirit that is typically produced by the distillation of fermented cereal grains or potatoes. It is neutral in flavor and adds alcohol content without imparting strong flavors of its own. Please use non grain vodka if you have stomach issues.

Experiment with different flavored vodkas! A vanilla vodka adds a creamy touch, while a citrus vodka provides a refreshing twist.

Some other amazing Vodka cocktails that you can try are Peach Tea Shot, Pink Tea Shot and White Tea Shot.

Some suitable substitutes for vodka include:

  • Gin: Gin would add herbaceous notes to the cocktail from its botanical ingredients. Pick a more neutral gin without strong juniper flavors.
  • White rum: Like vodka, white rum is generally smooth and light-bodied. Look for a white rum without strong molasses or spice flavors.
  • Light tequila: A high-quality, light-bodied tequila could work but may impart very subtle agave flavors. Save it for regular tequila drinks.

Blue Curaçao

Blue curaçao is an orange-flavored liqueur that gives this cocktail its distinctive purple color. It’s made from oranges that are dried and aged with various flavorings, then distilled with neutral spirits. The result is a vivid blue color and sweet orange flavor. I also use it in Purple Gatorade shots because I absolutely love the vibrant purple color that i get from it.

If you find blue curaçao a bit too vibrant, try violet liqueur. It will still give you a beautiful purple hue, but with a softer, floral touch. Need a non-alcoholic alternative? Butterfly pea flower tea brewed with lemon will give you a gorgeous blue tint with a hint of earthy flavor.

There’s no true replacement for blue curaçao as it provides the nameake color, but you could experiment with:

  • Triple sec: Would add a citrus twist but lack the vivid color.
  • Blue food coloring: Would color the drink but lack orange flavor. Better to leave it out.

Lime Juice

Fresh lime juice adds bright acidity and citrus notes to balance the natural sweetness of other ingredients.

Good substitutes include:

  • Lemon juice: Similar acidity level but flavor profile is more lemony than lime.
  • Orange juice: Somewhat less acidic, adds a complementary citrus twist.
  • Vinegar: Not as pleasant, should only use high-quality distilled white or cider vinegar.


We’re moving onto the 0.5 oz of grenadine now. Grenadine contributes sweetness, a rosy color, and adds pomegranate notes to the drink. Look for a high-quality grenadine without artificial colors/flavors and red dye 40 in it.

Substitutes could include:

Maraschino liqueur: Sweeter, adds cherry notes instead of pomegranate. Less authentic.

Love the bold purple color of the classic Purple Rain cocktail? You can achieve an even deeper, richer hue with a simple swap! Instead of using 0.5 oz of grenadine, try using the same amount of Sourz liqueur.

This sweet and tart cherry or blackcurrant option will not only intensify the purple color but also add a subtle fruity twist to the overall flavor, beautifully complementing the tangy lime and juicy pineapple and cranberry.

Simply add the Sourz in place of the grenadine during the “Shake it up” step, and enjoy your vibrant Purple Rain masterpiece with its enhanced color and a hint of delightful fruity complexity!

Purple Rain cocktail recipe using Chambord: Craving a touch of blackberry decadence in your Purple Rain? Swap the 0.5 oz grenadine for 0.5 oz of luscious Chambord! This rich blackberry liqueur adds a layer of sophisticated sweetness and a subtle earthy depth that beautifully complements the tart cranberry and juicy pineapple.

Cranberry Juice

Fresh or high-quality bottled cranberry juice provides natural tartness and a rosy hue. Cranberries have antioxidant properties.

You could use:

  • Pomegranate juice: Similar florality but tangier.
  • Grape juice: For sweetness but lacks signature cranberry notes.
  • Orange juice: Less authentic, adds citrus rather than berry taste.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice lends tropical coconut and melon notes. Look for 100% fresh or bottled pineapple juice without sugar.

You can try some more pineapple juice cocktails like Hennessy and Pineapple Juice cocktail and Fireball and Pineapple Juice Recipe.

Similar options include:

  • Orange juice: Adds citrus in place of tropical fruit. Less authentic.
  • Coconut water: Experiment for coconut essence, but it’s very mild.
  • White grape juice: Sweetness but lacks defining pineapple character.

Lemonade or Ginger Beer

These add bubbly effervescence and balance the sweet-tart flavors. Look for unsweetened options.

You could try:

  • Club soda: Crisp and bubbles but lacks complex flavor.
  • Tonic water: Very quinine-forward, not as pleasant.
  • Lemon-lime soda: Brings tanginess in place of lemony ginger snap.

Purple Rain cocktail Recipe

Recipe by JenniferCourse: CocktailsCuisine: American


Prep time


Cooking time





Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have your own Purple Rain cocktail ready to sip in no time.


  • 1.5 oz vodka (45 ml)

  • 1 oz blue curaçao (30 ml)

  • 0.5 oz lime juice (15 ml)

  • 0.5 oz grenadine (15 ml)

  • 2 oz cranberry juice (60 ml)

  • 2 oz pineapple juice (60 ml)

  • 2-3 oz Lemonade or Ginger Beer (depending on preferred glass size and fizz level)

  • Garnish: lime wedge or maraschino cherry (optional)


  • Fill a shaker with ice. Add vodka, blue curaçao, lime juice, grenadine, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice.
  • Shake well for 20 seconds, letting the ice chill and meld the flavors.
  • Strain the deliciousness into a tall glass filled with fresh ice.
  • Top it off with your chosen bubbly – lemonade for classic sweetness or ginger beer for a spicy kick. use 2 oz for a taller glass or 3 oz for a fuller one.
  • Add a splash of color with a lime wedge or maraschino cherry, if you like.


  • Adjust the sweetness and tartness to your taste! Play with the cranberry and pineapple juice ratios, or add a touch more grenadine for a sweeter sip.
  • No shaker? No problem! Use a sturdy jar with a tight lid and shake it like nobody’s watching.
  • Stick with 1.5 oz of vodka/rum for a standard strength, or add a half ounce extra for a bolder sip. Want it lighter? Use less vodka/rum or add a splash of water.
  • Blend the cocktail with ice for a slushy, refreshing treat. Add frozen fruit or a scoop of sorbet for extra flavor and texture.

What is Purple Rain supposed to taste like?

Just like Madame Butterfly cocktail, the Purple Rain cocktail is a delightful blend of sweet, tart, and fruity flavors with a hint of herbal complexity.

Here’s a breakdown of the taste profile:

Sweetness: The primary source of sweetness comes from fruity juices like cranberry and pineapple, along with the added simple syrup or grenadine.

Tartness: The cranberry juice and lime juice bring a bright and refreshing tartness to the drink, balancing the sweetness.

Fruitiness: The combination of cranberry, pineapple, and blueberry (sometimes used) creates a vibrant and juicy fruit medley.

Herbal Complexity: The blue curaçao adds a unique herbal dimension to the drink, with citrusy and slightly bitter notes.

The Purple Rain should be a harmonious blend of these elements, leaving you with a satisfyingly sweet and tart finish that’s still light and refreshing. Doesn’t it tastes like Purple haze cocktail?

Of course, the exact taste can vary depending on the recipe and individual preferences. For example, some versions might be more tart due to the ratio of juices, while others might be sweeter thanks to additional simple syrup.

Some fun variations of Purple rain cocktail to try

I love Purple colored cocktails because they look so pretty! I recently share my another favorite cocktail, called Purple Moon Cocktail. Go and check it out!

Now that you’ve got the classic Purple Rain cocktail mastered, I’m dying to share some fun variations I think you should try next!

The “Sunshine Rain”

First up is what I’m calling the “Sunshine Rain” – so bright and cheerful! All we do is swap the blue curaçao for orange triple sec. Doesn’t that sound perfect for a daytime get together on the back patio? I think the vibrant orange hue would put us both in a more upbeat mood. I’m already craving it!

The “Berry Rain”

Next up is the “Berry Rain” – we’ll just leave out the pineapple juice and add a few fresh raspberries to muddle right in the shaker. The fruity bursts of flavor from the berries sound so satisfying, don’t they? Be ready for some seed fishing though. Still worth it for that summery pop of color and taste, in my opinion!

The “Spiced Rain”

Alright, for my more adventurous friend – the “Spiced Rain” is calling your name. We substitute half of the ginger beer for spiced rum to tap into its warming ginger and clove flavors. Getting cozy by the fireplace with this variation sounds like the perfect fall vibe, am I right?

The “Tequila Rain”

Of course we can’t leave out our girl tequila! This “Tequila Rain” subsitutes a nice blanco in place of the vodka. That agave snap will give it an extra kick while keeping the flavors bright. Feel like shaking things up this weekend?

Ginger Snap Rain

Spicy cocktail fans might enjoy the “Ginger Snap Rain,” which doubles down on ginger goodness by swapping both the lemonade/ginger beer AND grenadine for spiced ginger ale. The complex ginger burn will certainly wake you up!

Cherry Rain

For those who love all things cherry, we can attempt the “Cherry Rain” – substituting grenadine with maraschino liqueur and topping with a maraschino cherry instead of lime. The sweet cherry pop would be well suited for apres-ski fun too.

Watermelon Rain

Finally, we can get adventurous by turning our Purple Rain into a “Watermelon Rain.” Blend watermelon chunks until smooth, then use that as the base in place of the juices. Bright, light and super hydrating – what’s not to love?

Also check out Blue moon cocktail recipe with Gin

How to make Purple Rain cocktail of Wetherspoons?

Purple Rain cocktail of Wetherspoons

Ah, the famous Wetherspoons Purple Rain! This iconic and affordable pitcher cocktail has many fans, and you can definitely recreate its magic at home. Here are two popular ways to make it:

Here is Classic Wetherspoons Purple Rain recipe :


  • 3/4 pitcher filled with ice
  • 50ml cherry Sourz (a sweet cherry liqueur)
  • 50ml Blue Curaçao (blue liqueur with an orange peel flavor)
  • Enough lemonade to fill the pitcher


  1. Fill your pitcher with ice about 3/4 full.
  2. Pour in the cherry Sourz and Blue Curaçao.
  3. Top it off with lemonade, stirring gently to blend the colors.
  4. Garnish with a few fresh blueberries or a lime wedge, if desired.


  • Use good quality cherry Sourz and Blue Curaçao for the best flavor.
  • You can adjust the amount of lemonade to your liking. Some people prefer a stronger liqueur taste, while others prefer it more diluted.
  • If you don’t have cherry Sourz, you can substitute with grenadine, but it will taste slightly different.
  • For a fun twist, add a shot of vodka to each glass!

Alternative Recipe:

Some sources suggest that Wetherspoons might also add fruit and lime in their Purple Rain pitcher. Here’s a variation incorporating those elements:


  • 3/4 pitcher filled with ice
  • 50ml cherry Sourz
  • 50ml Blue Curaçao
  • Enough lemonade to fill the pitcher
  • 1 handful of fresh blueberries
  • 1/2 lime, cut into wedges


  1. Follow steps 1-3 from the classic recipe.
  2. Add a handful of fresh blueberries to the pitcher.
  3. Squeeze the juice of half a lime into the pitcher, then discard the lime wedges.
  4. Stir gently and serve.

Purple Rain cocktail TGI Recipe

Craving the vibrant energy and delicious drinks of TGI Fridays? Look no further than their iconic Purple Rain cocktail! This sweet and sour stunner is a popular choice for good reason. Ihave given a copy cat recipe for this cocktail that you can enjoy at your home.

Here’s how to recreate it at home:

Ingredients in TGI Fridays Purple Rain

  • 1 oz Dead Man’s Fingers White Rum (or substitute vodka)
  • 1 oz JJ Whitley Artisanal Vodka
  • 1/2 oz Chambord (blackberry liqueur)
  • 1/2 oz blue curaçao
  • 1/2 oz lemon juice
  • 1/4 oz grenadine
  • Splash of club soda (optional)
  • Blueberries for garnish


  1. Fill a tall glass with ice.
  2. Add the rum, vodka, Chambord, blue curaçao, lemon juice, and grenadine.
  3. Stir gently to combine.
  4. Top with a splash of club soda (optional) for a bit of fizz.
  5. Garnish with blueberries and enjoy!


  • If you don’t have Dead Man’s Fingers White Rum, you can substitute it with any white rum. However, Dead Man’s Fingers adds a touch of vanilla and spice that might be missing with regular rum.
  • Adjust the sweetness and tartness to your liking. Add more grenadine for a sweeter drink, or more lemon juice for a tangier one.
  • Get creative with the garnish! A lemon wedge or edible flowers can add extra flair.
  • Remember, TGI Fridays offers the Purple Rain as part of their 2-4-1 happy hour deals, so check your local Fridays for even more bang for your buck!

The TGI Fridays recipe might vary slightly depending on the location. This recipe is based on general information available online.

This recipe makes one drink. If you’re making it for a crowd, simply scale up the ingredients accordingly.

How to serve Purple Rain Cocktail

Purple Rain Cocktail gin

When it comes to choosing a glass, I recommend going for a collins or highball glass. Make sure it’s chilled in the freezer beforehand so your drink stays frothy cold. Nothing worse than a warm beverage on a hot day!

As for garnishes, a wedge of lime or maraschino cherry floated on top adds a nice pop of color. But get creative if you want – skewered fresh berries would also look super festive. Just keep garnishes simple so they don’t distract from the Purple Rain’s vibrant purple hue.

If you plan to serve these at your next social gathering, be sure to scale up the recipe appropriately for a crowd. Sometimes doubling or tripling the batch is easiest. Offer ice buckets with bottles of soda or juice on the side too so guests can top off as desired.

Glass blocks or wooden serving trays make it easy for people to pick up drinks without juggling. Don’t forget to have napkins available! No one wants sticky hands on a summer night.

Most importantly, set the mood. Dim lighting, string lights, and feel-good music create an inviting atmosphere where people can relax and socialize. You want your Purple Rain cocktail to be the star, after all.

What to serve with Purple rain cocktail

As we enjoy our Purple Rain cocktails, we need to have the perfect snacks to soak it all up. After all, what’s a drink without proper fuel, am I right?

For starters, fruit is always a no-brainer. A platter of watermelon, pineapple, berries and citrus slices would complement the drink’s flavors perfectly. I love the idea of grazing while socializing outside – so refreshing on a summer night!

If you’re going for a heartier option, tiny pan pizzas or bruschetta toast points would hit the spot. A touch of balsamic on juicy tomatoes is celestial.

Can’t go wrong with chips and salsa or guacamole for scooping either. Laying out some tortilla chips, pita, and veggies for dipping makes snacking a cinch. Bonus if you go for plant-based dips like spinach artichoke – keeps things lively.

Of course, no party is complete without sweets! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention setting out a spread of cupcakes, cookies or candies for those with a sweet tooth (like myself, duh). Something tropical like pineapple or mango would tie it all together nicely.

No matter what you choose to soak up the Purple Rain, I’m sure it will be a hit.

Nutrition facts of Purple Rain Cocktail

While not overly high in calories, a single serving of Purple rain cocktail still contributes around 160-200 calories. Be mindful of portion sizes and consider enjoying this drink as an occasional treat.


Fruit benefits: Sugars primarily come from fruit juices and added sugars (grenadine, lemonade/ginger beer). Despite the sugar content, the fruit juices offer some vitamin C and other antioxidants. You can opt for fresh juices (squeezed at home) to control sugar and maximize nutrient content.

The Purple Rain packs a sweet punch with roughly 18g of sugar per serving. This might be a concern for individuals with diabetes or those managing sugar intake. Consider using less grenadine and opting for unsweetened or lightly sweetened lemonade/ginger beer.

Understanding the Ingredients:

  • Fruit Juices: Cranberry and pineapple juices offer vitamins C and A, but also contribute significantly to sugars.
  • Vodka: Provides the alcoholic kick with roughly 64 calories per 1.5 oz serving.
  • Blue Curaçao: Adds the stunning blue color but holds minimal nutritional value.
  • Grenadine: Sweetens the drink but adds about 30 calories per 0.5 oz serving, mostly from added sugars.
  • Lemonade/Ginger Beer: Offer additional sweetness and fizz, with ginger beer providing a spicy twist. Both contribute sugar and calories.

How much alcohol is in Purple Rain cocktail?

Using the recipe with 1.5 oz vodka, One standard serving of the Purple Rain cocktail contains approximately 12 grams of alcohol. This is roughly equivalent to one standard drink, based on the US definition of a standard drink containing 0.6 fluid ounces of pure alcohol.

The amount of alcohol can vary slightly depending on the specific brands of vodka and other ingredients used.

If you choose to use a different base spirit than vodka, like rum or gin, the alcohol content might be slightly higher or lower depending on the alcohol by volume (ABV) of the chosen spirit.

You can adjust the alcohol content by using less vodka or opting for a non-alcoholic version altogether by substituting vodka with sparkling water or herbal tea.

Now, question is, Can it get you drunk?

One Purple Rain cocktail has about 0.6-0.7 ounces of alcohol or a standard shot of vodka.

For an average sized person, it would take around 2-3 cocktails consumed within an hour to start feeling intoxicating effects from the alcohol.

Multiple cocktails over a shorter time period could potentially get someone drunk, depending on individual tolerance. Factors like food intake and hydration also play a role.

How to make Purple Rain Mocktail

Purple Rain Mocktail

So you know how much I love getting creative in the kitchen. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about delicious non-alcoholic drinks, and I think you’d really enjoy a Purple Rain mocktail. Let me tell you how I make mine.


  • 1 oz club soda
  • 1⁄2 oz lime juice
  • 1⁄2 oz grenadine
  • 2 oz cranberry juice
  • 2 oz pineapple juice
  • 4 oz ginger ale or lemon-lime soda
  • butterfly pea flower tea

First, let’s gather our juices. I’ll measure out 1 oz club soda , 1⁄2 oz lime juice, 1⁄2 oz grenadine, 2 oz cranberry juice and 2 oz pineapple juice right into the glass.

Next, it’s time to freshen things up. I like to muddle a few fresh berries in the bottom for texture and flavor. Feel free to add mint or citrus too if you’ve got it!

Once well muddled, let’s pour in our pre-measured juices and give a gentle stir to combine. I love seeing that gorgeous purple hue emerge.

Now just top it off – I prefer topping mine with a splash of ginger ale for a spicy kick. But lemon-lime soda works great too if you want something lighter.

Maintain the captivating blue tint with butterfly pea flower tea. Simply steep a couple of butterfly pea flowers in hot water for 5-10 minutes, and voila! You have a stunning blue liquid that’s naturally caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants. Also try this recipe for color changing butterfly pea flower cocktail, and believe me you will love it!

Finally, I like to slot a few berries onto a skewer for garnish. Makes the whole drink feel special, doesn’t it?

And just like that, our fruity mocktails are complete! I think they look and sound super refreshing.

Can i Store Purple rain cocktail for later?

It’s not the best idea to store a Purple Rain cocktail for later, as several factors will affect its taste and quality over time:

Loss of Fizz: If the cocktail contains club soda or another carbonated beverage, the fizz will gradually dissipate, leaving you with a flat drink.

Oxidation: Fruit juices and liqueurs in the cocktail, particularly those containing citrus, can oxidize over time, leading to a duller color and potentially off flavors.

Separation: The different ingredients in the cocktail, especially denser ones like liqueurs and syrups, might separate and lose their beautiful layered effect.

Ice Melt: If you store the cocktail with ice, the ice will melt, diluting the drink and making it weaker and less flavorful.

However, if you really want to save some of your Purple Rain for later, there are a few things you can do to minimize the downsides:

  • Store it in an airtight container: This will help to prevent oxidation and loss of fizz.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator: Cold temperatures will slow down the oxidation process and keep the ice from melting as quickly.
  • Consume it within 24 hours: The sooner you drink it, the better it will taste.

Here are some alternative options to consider:

Make a larger batch of the non-alcoholic ingredients

You can mix up the fruit juices, syrups, and other non-alcoholic components of the cocktail in advance and store them in the refrigerator. Then, when you’re ready to drink, simply add the alcohol and any garnishes.

Freeze the ingredients

If you know you won’t be able to drink the cocktail within 24 hours, you can freeze the individual ingredients in separate containers. Then, when you’re ready, thaw them and mix them together. This is a good option if you want to be able to enjoy the cocktail months later.

Ultimately, the best way to enjoy a Purple Rain cocktail is to drink it fresh. But if you must store it, follow these tips to minimize the impact on its taste and quality.

History and origin of Purple Rain cocktail

While its exact origin remains a bit hazy, it rose to popularity around the same time as his iconic 1984 album and film of the same name.

origin of Purple Rain cocktail

Many believe it was a fan-made creation, a way to celebrate the purple-hued magic of Prince’s music and film. Others speculate it might have been an official drink for the film’s premiere, but that’s never been confirmed.

Whatever its true origin, the Purple Rain cocktail quickly became a hit, especially among Prince fans. Its vibrant purple color, mirroring Prince’s signature style and the film’s visuals, made it a symbol of his electrifying energy and raw emotion. It became a popular drink at Prince-themed parties and a way to connect with his music beyond the stage.

Purple Rain Cocktail FAQS

What is a Purple Rain cocktail? 

A vibrant layered or mixed drink typically made with vodka, blue curaçao, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, grenadine, and lime juice. It’s named after Prince’s iconic song.

What does it taste like? 

It’s sweet and tart with a blend of berry and citrus flavors, along with the unique herbal notes of blue curaçao.

Can i make larger batch of this cocktail ahead of time?

Absolutely! Mix all the non-alcoholic components like fruit juices, syrups, and grenadine in a large pitcher or container. Store the base mixture in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve. This helps prevent oxidation and keeps the flavors vibrant.

When it’s party time, grab your chilled base and divide it among your serving glasses filled with ice.

For the classic Purple Rain, add 1 ounce of vodka to each glass. If you prefer a mocktail version, skip the vodka and top each glass with club soda or sparkling lemonade for that bubbly touch.

Can I make a tropical twist on the Purple Rain cocktail?

Absolutely! Embrace the “Jamaican Purple Rain” variation! Simply swap the grenadine for 1/4 cup mixed berries (muddle them first!) and 1/4 cup coconut water. This fruity, slightly tart upgrade brings a taste of the islands to your purple paradise!

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