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Iron Butterfly Cocktail Recipe

Simple Iron Butterfly Cocktail Recipe

Hello there cocktail lovers! Are you looking for a creamy yet indulgent alcoholic drink to enjoy on a relaxing night? Then look no further, as the Iron Butterfly cocktail is exactly what you need.

As an amateur mixologist, I am always on the hunt for new recipes to try making at home. A while back, I came across the Iron Butterfly and was instantly intrigued by its blend of creamy yet bold flavors.

Containing vodka, Kahlúa, and Irish cream, this drink promised to be downright decadent. I decided to give it a try for myself.

Simple Iron Butterfly Cocktail Recipe

Once I gathered the simple ingredients – vodka, Kahlúa, Irish cream, and some ice for chilling – I got to work mixing up a batch.

The rich coffee liqueur and cream blended together so well, creating a texture that was luxuriously smooth. But the vodka provided just the right kick of alcohol to balance it all out. In one sip, I was transported to a coffee shop in winter, cozy and content.

I knew right away this drink had to be shared. So, let me give you the exact recipe and method for recreating this luscious butterfly at home.

Ingredients to make Iron Butterfly Cocktail

Ingredients to make Iron Butterfly Cocktail

All you need is a few minutes and those basic ingredients. So read on, and get ready for a new favorite after-dinner cocktail!


For the vodka, I used Svedka vodka that my mom buys. The bottle is shaped funny and it has a purple label that’s easy to see.

Svedka is clear like water but it makes my throat feel warm after I drink it. If we don’t have Svedka, we could use another clear vodka instead.

Smirnoff would work cause it tastes similar and is also very clear. Or Grey Goose would be even smoother. As long as it’s a regular vodka without flavors, it will work well in this drink.

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic option, substitute the vodka with a splash of high-quality vanilla extract or alcohol-free vanilla syrup. This adds a hint of sweetness and complexity without the alcohol.


For the coffee part, I chose Kahlua because of the big black bottle shape. I know Kahlua comes from Starbucks coffee beans so it has a very rich coffee taste. The color is super dark brown like the mud puddles outside after it rains.

If we don’t have Kahlua at home, we could substitute it with other coffee liqueurs like Tia Maria or Baileys Coffee Cream.

Tia Maria offers a slightly spicier coffee note, while Baileys adds a hint of chocolate for a richer experience.

Feeling fancy? Try using cold brew coffee liqueur for an even more intense coffee punch. Remember to adjust the sweetness of other ingredients if needed.

Irish Cream

For the creamy part, I used Baileys Original Irish Cream for its classic creamy texture and balanced vanilla flavor. It adds richness, smooths out the flavors, and whispers hints of vanilla sweetness.

Bailey’s is sweet and thick, pouring out of the bottle like thick paint. It smells amazingly chocolatey and leaves a coating on the inside of the glass.

If we run out of Bailey’s, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur would be a tasty substitute. It also has a nutty flavor that cuts the bitterness of the coffee.

Or coffee rum could work in a pinch for its coffee notes. As long as it adds creaminess, any similar dairy-based liqueur will do.

Feeling adventurous? Try making your own homemade Irish cream substitute with heavy cream, vanilla extract, and whiskey or rum for a personal touch.


Ice might seem simple, but it plays a crucial role! Large, clear ice cubes melt slower, ensuring your Iron Butterfly stays refreshingly chilled without watering it down. I usually use restaurant-style ice cubes for their impressive size and slow melt.

No fancy ice molds? No problem! Simply break up regular ice cubes into larger chunks. Avoid crushed ice, as it melts quickly and dilutes the drink.

If we somehow run out of ice, we could put the filled glass in the refrigerator for an hour instead. The cold temperature would still chill the drink without being watered down.

Filberts nuts for topping

For a fun crunchy topping, I sprinkled on some filbert nuts. Our nuts are stored in a tall pantry container with a green lid. Only a few are needed since they’re quite small.

If filberts aren’t an option, crushed walnuts, peanuts, or even chocolate shavings would offer a similar texture.

Dried cranberries could also make for a sweet-tart substitute. The garnish is optional so it’s fine to leave it off altogether too.

Equipment needed

  • Old-fashioned glass: I always use this type of glass for iron butterfly cocktail. This sturdy, wide-mouthed glass provides the perfect canvas for your cocktail masterpiece.
  • Jigger: This small measuring tool ensures balanced proportions and consistent results.( I like this one)
  • Bar spoon: This long, slender spoon lets you gently stir your drink without muddling the layers.

Simple Iron Butterfly Cocktail Recipe

Recipe by JenniferCourse: CocktailsCuisine: American


Prep time


Cooking timeminutes



The Iron Butterfly is a relatively simple drink to make, and it has a sweet, coffee-flavored taste.


  • 1 ounce Vodka

  • 1 ounce Coffee Liqueur (Kahlúa, Tia Maria, Baileys Coffee Cream, etc.)

  • 1 ounce Irish Cream (Baileys Original, Amarula Cream, Carolans Irish Cream, etc.)

  • Ice cubes

  • Garnish (optional): 3 filbert nuts, cocoa powder, chocolate shavings, coffee bean


  • Fill the old-fashioned glass with ice and let it sit for a few minutes. Discard the melted ice water before starting.
  • Use the jigger to measure exactly 1 ounce of vodka. Pour it gently into the chilled glass.
  • Next, measure 1 ounce of your chosen coffee liqueur (Kahlúa, Tia Maria, etc.) and pour it slowly over the vodka.
  • Finally, measure 1 ounce of Irish cream and carefully pour it on top. Use the bar spoon to gently nudge the cream along the back of the glass, creating a stunning layered effect.
  • Use the bar spoon to slowly stir the ingredients just enough to combine them, maintaining the beautiful layers.
  • Now for the optional garnish! Add your chosen element (filbert nuts, cocoa powder, etc.) for a touch of personalization and visual intrigue.


  • Chill your glass beforehand for extra refreshment.
  • Adjust the sweetness by using more or less Irish cream, or drizzle a touch of chocolate syrup or agave nectar on top.
  • This recipe can be easily doubled or tripled to serve a crowd.

The Iron Butterfly, a delightful coffee-infused cocktail, might seem familiar alongside its creamy cousins, the White Russian and Mudslide.

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Pro Tips to make perfect Iron butterfly drink

 Iron butterfly drink

Here are some of my pro tips for making the perfect Iron Butterfly cocktail:

Use Cold Ingredients

It’s really important to use cold liquids so your drink is nice and frosty. I always put the vodka, coffee liquor, and cream in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before starting. That way nothing melts the ice too fast.

Use Fresh Ingredients

One time when I was making the Iron Butterfly, I noticed the coffee stuff didn’t taste as rich as usual. That’s when I realized ingredients of this recipe can go bad after a while.

Always check the dates on bottles, especially if they’ve been open a long time. Now before every recipe, I have daddy help me make sure nothing expired. Fresh flavors are so much better!

Sweeten the Kahlua

Sometimes the coffee drink can taste a little yucky if it’s too bitter. My friend taught me that just a sprinkle of sugar can fix it right up!

I use the tiny spoon from my play kitchen to measure 1/2 teaspoon of white sugar. Then I stir it gently into the Kahlua bottle.

After that, the coffee is the perfect amount of sweet without being gross. Even my dad likes it more this way now!

Measure Carefully

The amounts need to be just right for the flavors to blend well. I use a special jigger cup daddy got me to measure exactly 1 ounce of each. Being careful with the lines helps make every sip tasty.

Stir Slowly

When you pour everything in the glass with ice, take your time stirring. My friend taught me you shouldn’t shake it like crazy or it might get too bubbly. I gently swirl it round and round so nothing splashes out.

Fluff the Cream

My mom always tells me to fluff the whipped cream before putting it on pie. Then I remembered – the cream needs fluffing too!

Before adding it to my drink, I take the bottle out early and give it a few whisks with a spiral spoon so it’s light and airy. This makes it pour so smoothly and gives the whole thing a nicer mouth feel. All the grownups said it made a big difference!

Use Fresh Nutmeg

A secret some big bartenders shared is adding a tiny grating of fresh nutmeg on top. I use the grater daddy uses for cheese to scrape off just a few strands. It makes the whole drink smell extra yummy and woodsy.

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Fun variations to try with Iron Butterfly drink

Iron Butterfly drink

I love how you can change a few little things and make a whole new drink with the Iron Butterfly recipe. It’s so fun to experiment!

Here are some fun variations I’ve come up with for the Iron Butterfly cocktail.

1. Chocolate Swirl Butterfly

I wanted to add something sweet, so I drizzled a teaspoon of chocolate syrup around the inside of my glass. Then after adding the liquids and ice, I slowly stirred it all together.

As it mixed, the chocolate blended throughout in curly ribbon shapes. Taking little sips, I could taste the chocolate with every gulp. It was like drinking a yummy dessert!

2. Espresso Iron Butterfly

Since I love the coffee flavor in the original, I wanted to make it even stronger. First, I poured a shot of hot espresso into the bottom of the glass before building the drink. The deep dark espresso blended throughout, giving it an extra jolt of caffeine. I also recommend trying Turbo shot espresso recipe.

3. Vanilla Iron Butterfly

I have a big container of vanilla extract that mommy uses for lots of baking. So one night, I added a few drops into the Irish cream bottle and shook it up.

Then I used that vanilla infused cream to mix my cocktail. The vanilla sweetened it up perfectly without being too much.

Every sip was like drinking a creamy vanilla milkshake but in a fun grown up drink. It made me feel cozy inside and out.

4. Toasted Nut Butterfly

One night, I tried soaking some almonds in amaretto liqueur before adding them to my Iron Butterfly. In the morning, I fished out the almonds and tossed them into the cocktail.

When I took a drink, I could really taste the warm, toasty flavor from the nuts. Yum!

5. Fruity Butterfly

Fresh fruit is always a delicious way to lighten things up. First, I gently mashed some blackberries in the bottom of a glass with a spoon.

Then I layered the vodka, coffee liqueur and cream on top. As it mixed together, the crushed berries swirled throughout in a deep purple color. So colorful and fruity tasting!

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6. Brown Sugar Butterfly

Mommy uses brown sugar a lot in baking, so I decided to try adding some to my drink too. I sprinkled a tiny pinch into the glass before muddling.

As it dissolved, the sweet caramel notes from the brown sugar blended into the coffee taste. So cozy and comforting!

8. Pumpkin Pie Butterfly

This is one of my favorites for Halloween. First, I rimmed the glass with cinnamon sugar. Then I muddled a little pumpkin puree in the bottom. Drinking it reminded me of taking bites of pumpkin pie, all cozy and delicious!

7. Cinnamon Spice Butterfly

In the fall, everything smells like cinnamon. I dropped a cinnamon stick into the glass while stirring my cocktail. The warm spice infused throughout each sip, wrapping me in an autumn feeling. So soothing on chilly days!

If you are a spicy cocktails lover, try spicy passion fruit margarita and spicy ranch water cocktails.

How to make Non Alcoholic Iron butterfly Drink

Non Alcoholic Iron butterfly Drink

The Iron Butterfly’s creamy coffee charm doesn’t require alcohol to shine. Here’s how to whip up a delightful non-alcoholic version that’s perfect for any occasion:


  • 1 ounce Vanilla extract or alcohol-free vanilla syrup (vodka substitute)
  • 1 ounce Cold brew coffee concentrate or strongly brewed coffee with a touch of chocolate syrup (coffee liqueur substitute)
  • 1 ounce Irish cream (or low-fat/fat-free option for lighter version)
  • Ice cubes
  • Garnish (optional): Filbert nuts, cocoa powder, chocolate shavings, coffee bean


  1. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes.
  2. Add the vanilla extract/syrup, followed by the coffee concentrate/brewed coffee.
  3. Gently pour in the Irish cream, using a bar spoon to slowly add it down the side of the glass to create layers.
  4. Stir gently to combine slightly, maintaining the beautiful layers.
  5. Garnish with your chosen element (optional).

You can also use cranberry juice to make Iron Butterfly mocktail:

While vanilla extract or syrup traditionally replaces vodka in non-alcoholic Iron Butterfly recipes, let’s explore using cranberry juice for a vibrant and tangy twist! Here’s how to create your Cranberry Butterfly:

First, I measure out the ingredients using my jigger cup. For the non-alcoholic base, I use 1 ounce of cranberry juice since I like how bright red it makes the drink. Cranberry juice is one of my favorites to drink, and it has a similar tartness to vodka.

Tip: If you prefer a sweeter drink, use cranberry juice blend with added sugar or a touch of agave nectar.

Then I add 1 ounce of Kahlua coffee liqueur to give it that rich coffee flavor. And 1 ounce of Irish cream goes in for creamy sweetness too.

Next, I fill a glass with ice cubes to keep everything nice and chilled. Carefully cracking the ice is so satisfying!

Once the glass is frosted, I slowly pour in the liquids, going down the sides so they layer colorfully. I take my long stirring spoon and blend everything together gently so it doesn’t get diluted.

Now the mocktail is ready to enjoy! I love seeing all the colors swirl together as I mix.

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Serving Iron butterfly Drink

Serving Iron butterfly Drink

Here are some tips for serving the Iron Butterfly Cocktail:

Choosing the Glass

I love the iconic old-fashioned glass. It’s sturdy, has a wide mouth to showcase the layered beauty of the drink, and I can pre-chill it for an extra refreshingly cold experience.

For a more sophisticated feel, sometimes I use a coupe glass. Its delicate curves beautifully display the drink’s color and layers, adding a touch of fancy.

Garnishing for Delight

I often use filbert nuts for a classic touch. They add a subtle crunch and a touch of visual intrigue that I like.

Sometimes, I sprinkle some cocoa powder or add a chocolate shaving for a richer look and feel. It’s like adding a little extra layer of deliciousness.

If I’m feeling indulgent, I might drizzle a touch of chocolate syrup or caramel sauce for an extra sweet treat. It’s a little surprise that my guests always enjoy.

A single coffee bean adds a thematic accent and aroma. It’s a simple touch that ties everything together nicely.


Ice Artistry: I use large, clear ice cubes for a visually stunning effect. Sometimes, I even get creative with ice molds for shapes like coffee beans or butterflies. It’s a fun way to add a personal touch.

Citrus Zest: I love expressing the oils of an orange or lemon peel over the drink for a burst of aroma and visual interest. It’s like adding a little sunshine to the presentation.

Flaming Theatrics (Optional): If I’m feeling adventurous, I might carefully flambe an orange peel and express the oils over the drink before garnishing. It’s a dramatic touch that always seems to impress my guests.

Serving with Style

Coaster Comfort: I protect my surfaces and add a touch of elegance by using coasters. It’s the little things, right?

Napkin Essentials: I make sure my guests have everything they need for a comfortable experience by offering napkins.

Sweet Pairings: Sometimes, I offer chocolate truffles, biscotti, or coffee-flavored desserts alongside the Iron Butterfly for a complementary sweet treat. It’s a nice way to tie the whole experience together.

Presentation Matters: I arrange the garnishes thoughtfully and present the drink with confidence. Remember, first impressions count!

Serving Pitchers

Rather than mixing each drink one by one, I like to prepare a big batch in a pitcher stored in the fridge. Then when someone wants a refill, I just pour from the jug like magic!

Food pairings for Iron butterfly cocktail

Food pairings for Iron butterfly cocktail

Here are some food items I think pair nicely with the Iron Butterfly cocktail:

Chocolates – Since the drink has hints of coffee and creamy flavors, I love serving it with a platter of dark chocolates, truffles or candy bars for a sweet finish. You can also go for another coffe cocktail named Sombrero Cocktail.

Cheese Board – A variety of soft and hard cheeses go so well when sipping this indulgent beverage. I arrange cranberries, nuts and crackers alongside for nibbling.

Fruit Display – Fresh berries, grapes, kiwi and melon provide a light, bright contrast to the layered liquid. Their juiciness is refreshing between sips.

Mini Sandwiches – Bite-sized sandwiches on soft bread like ham and cheese or roasted vegetable are easy to hold while mingling. Finger foods are always fun too!

Root Vegetable Chips – Thinly sliced sweet potatoes, parsnips or beets roasted extra crisp satisfy salty cravings perfectly with the smooth cocktail.

Bruschetta – Toasted bread topped with tomatoes, basil and olive oil soaks up the creamy flavors in each cup. It’s like a little Italian picnic.

I also serve smoked salmon on crackers for their rich ocean taste balancing the drinks. Now setting out just the right nibbles is half the party planning process! I prefer enjoying the Iron Butterfly with good company and little snacks everyone can share.

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Storage Tips for Iron butterfly cocktail

While the Iron Butterfly is best enjoyed fresh, there might be times when you have leftover ingredients or a partially mixed drink. Here are some storage tips to make the most of your coffee cocktail creation:

Leftover Coffee Liqueur and Irish Cream

Store unopened bottles: Keep your coffee liqueur (Kahlúa, Tia Maria, etc.) and Irish cream in their original bottles in a cool, dark place like a pantry or cabinet. They can last for several months this way.

Opened bottles: Once opened, refrigerate Irish cream for up to 2-3 weeks for optimal quality. Coffee liqueur typically lasts longer, but refrigerate it after opening for best results.

Leftover Iron butterfly Mixed Drink

Not recommended: Due to the cream content, leftover mixed Iron Butterfly cocktail is not recommended for storage. The cream can spoil, compromising the taste and potentially leading to foodborne illness. It’s best to enjoy your creation fresh!

Label and date: Always label and date your leftover ingredients and mixed drinks for better organization and safety.

Use airtight containers: If you must store a partially mixed drink (without cream), transfer it to an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 24 hours. However, remember, the flavor and texture might not be as good as fresh.

Alternative Ideas

Get creative: Use leftover coffee liqueur and Irish cream for other delicious treats like coffee drinks, ice cream toppings, or even homemade truffles.

Plan your portions: When making the Iron Butterfly, consider the number of guests and adjust the recipe accordingly to minimize leftovers.

Iron Butterfly drink Nutrition Facts

Iron Butterfly drink Nutrition Facts

The Iron Butterfly might seem like a light and creamy indulgence, but it’s important to be mindful of its nutritional content. Here’s a breakdown of the estimated nutritional information per serving (based on typical ingredient amounts):

NutrientApproximate Amount
Calories230 kcal
Carbohydrates10-15g (mostly from sugar and cream)
Sugar5-10g (mainly from liqueurs and cream)
Fat5-10g (mostly from cream and liqueur)
Protein1-2g (from vodka and cream)

This is still an estimate, and the actual nutritional value may vary slightly depending on the specific brands and types of ingredients you used.

Dietary Considerations for Your Iron Butterfly

While the classic Iron Butterfly is a delicious treat, it might not be suitable for everyone due to specific dietary needs. Here’s a breakdown of its compatibility with different diets:


The traditional recipe contains vodka, Kahlúa, and Irish cream, none of which have gluten. However, always double-check the labels of specific brands you use, as some flavored vodkas or Irish creams might contain gluten-containing additives.

Gluten-free alternatives: If you need to be gluten-free, use gluten-free vodka and a certified gluten-free Irish cream brand like Baileys Gluten-Free Original Irish Cream. You can also substitute the Kahlúa with a coffee liqueur explicitly labeled gluten-free, like Carolans Irish Cream.


Standard Iron Butterfly: Unfortunately, the classic recipe isn’t vegan due to the use of dairy-based cream and potentially non-vegan vodka (some vodkas use animal products during filtering).

Vegan alternatives: For a vegan option, replace the vodka with a vegan-friendly spirit like Tito’s vodka or Absolut vodka. Use a plant-based coffee liqueur like Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur or St. Brendan’s Irish Cream Liqueur (both vegan-certified). 

Opt for a vegan-friendly whipped coconut cream instead of Irish cream. Remember to choose vegan-sourced garnishes like fruit slices or chopped nuts.


Standard Iron Butterfly: This drink is high in carbohydrates and sugar due to the liqueurs and cream, making it unsuitable for a strict keto diet.

Keto-friendly alternatives: To create a keto-friendly version, replace the vodka with another keto-friendly spirit like tequila or gin. 

Opt for sugar-free coffee liqueur like DaVinci Sugar Free Gourmet Caramel Coffee Liqueur or Torani Sugar Free Caramel Latte Flavored Sauce. 

Choose a keto-friendly heavy cream substitute like unsweetened almond milk or coconut cream thickened with xanthan gum. 

Skip the sugar-laden garnishes and consider options like unsweetened cocoa powder or a sprinkle of chopped sugar-free chocolate. 

Remember, even with these substitutions, the drink might still have some net carbs, so consume it in moderation on your keto journey.

Alcohol content in Iron butterfly cocktail

Alcohol content in Iron butterfly cocktail

The key player in the Iron Butterfly’s alcoholic content is, of course, the vodka. Typically, vodka clocks in at a standard 40% Alcohol by Volume (ABV), meaning 40% of its liquid volume is pure alcohol. In a classic Iron Butterfly recipe, a single ounce of vodka is used. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Vodka’s contribution: 40% ABV * 1 oz = 0.4 oz of pure alcohol
  • In grams: 0.4 oz translates to roughly 7 grams of alcohol

But Wait, There’s More:

While vodka takes center stage, it’s not the only player. Coffee liqueur and even Irish cream have trace amounts of alcohol, usually around 20%. Remember, even small amounts add up. So, the total alcohol content might be slightly higher than the vodka’s solo contribution.

In the US, a standard drink contains about 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol. Based on our calculations, your Iron Butterfly, with its 0.4 oz of alcohol, falls slightly below the standard drink threshold.

Factors Affecting Alcohol Content

  • Vodka strength: Some vodkas may be higher or lower proof (e.g., 37.5% or 50% ABV). Check your specific brand’s label.
  • Serving size: Using more or less vodka alters the alcohol content proportionally.
  • Other ingredients: While Kahlúa and Irish cream have minimal alcohol content (around 20%), they can slightly contribute.

Individual factors like body weight and metabolism influence how quickly your body absorbs alcohol.
Regardless of the calculated amount, always drink responsibly and within recommended guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions on Iron Butterfly

What can I substitute for vodka? 

You can substitute vodka with another spirit like gin, tequila, or even a non-alcoholic alternative like vanilla extract or cold brew coffee concentrate for a non-alcoholic version. Remember to adjust the sweetness if needed.

Is there a dairy-free alternative to Irish cream? 

Yes, you can use plant-based whipped coconut cream or other vegan-friendly cream alternatives like almond milk or oat milk thickened with xanthan gum.

Are there different coffee liqueur options? 

Yes, explore various brands and flavors of coffee liqueur to find your preference. Be mindful of sugar content if you’re watching your intake.

Can I make Iron butterfly drink in advance?

You can pre-chill your glass and prepare ingredients beforehand, but it’s best to assemble and serve the drink fresh for optimal flavor and texture.

Where does the name “Iron Butterfly” for this cocktail come from?

The 1960s psychedelic rock band of the same name was immensely popular, leading some to speculate that the cocktail might have been named after them during that era. While there’s no concrete evidence to support this theory, it remains a possibility given the cultural context.

Some believe the name refers to the drink’s visually striking layers, with the dark coffee liqueur resembling the body of an iron butterfly and the lighter cream symbolizing its wings. This explanation aligns with the layered appearance characteristic of butterflies.

When to Enjoy an Iron Butterfly Cocktail?

The Iron Butterfly is a versatile drink you can enjoy in many situations:

  • Relaxing at home: Sip it after dinner for a sweet treat with a coffee kick.
  • Get-togethers: Offer it at parties or gatherings for a unique drink option.
  • Afternoon pick-me-up: Enjoy it in the afternoon for a caffeine boost and energy lift.
  • Dessert alternative: Skip sweets and try it as a creamy, coffee-flavored dessert.
  • Special occasions: Celebrate anniversaries or holidays with this special drink.
  • Warm or cold weather: Adapt it to the season – use hot coffee in winter or chilled cream in summer.

What is the Difference Between a White Russian and an Iron Butterfly Drink?

Major difference between Iron butterfly and white russian drink is that Iron butterfly uses Uses Irish cream while white russian drink uses heavy cream. Here’s overview of other differences.

Iron Butterfly:

  • Uses Irish cream, which has a thicker consistency, vanilla flavor, and often whiskey notes.
  • Features a layered appearance with coffee liqueur and cream separate, offering distinct flavor and texture experiences.
  • Generally has a less sweet taste due to the smaller cream portion.

White Russian:

  • Uses heavy cream, which is thinner and has a milder flavor.
  • All ingredients are mixed together, resulting in a uniform taste and texture.
  • Typically sweeter due to the larger amount of cream used.

What is the difference between mudslide and iron butterfly drink?

Iron butterfly uses Bailey’s Irish cream while Mudslide Uses both heavy cream and Bailey’s Irish cream.

  • Mudslide: Typically uses a larger proportion of Baileys compared to the Iron Butterfly. This further adds to its sweetness and creaminess.
  • Iron Butterfly: Uses a smaller proportion of Baileys, creating a less sweet and more coffee-forward profile.
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